The main objective of the specialization course in DANCE is to train specifically for professional projection. We have carefully designed a programme of subjects that we consider essential and necessary to be able to access the world of work with solvency.

It is part of a physical work: the attendees will achieve a state of appropriate form for the demands of the profession and will be able to perfect the most relevant technical elements from the perspective of body awareness, without neglecting in any time the prevention of injuries.

Particular care will be taken of the artistic application of the technique, understanding dance as a language and a means of expression. Ear education is incorporated as a tool at the service of interpretation and choreographic memory.

Finally, we study the psychological aspects that influence the different possible scenarios:
auditions, classes in companies, essays, performances,… etc. and provide practical resources for overcoming specific psychological situations. As it is a small group, advice and follow-up will be absolutely individualized.


The School of Music and Dance Studio21 has an approximate area of 1000 m2. It has 3 open classrooms of 100 m2 with technical floor, 2 medium classrooms, changing rooms, gyrotonic room / gym, rest /dining rooms,… Spacious spaces where the stay is pleasant and cozy.

The city of Valencia stands out for its climate, for its comfort and ease of travel and for its wide
cultural offer.


Teaching staff

To carry out this project, we have sought out professionals with extensive experience and prestige in the sector: Coordination will be carried out by Fernando Bufalá (Madrid) and María José Sales (Valencia), dancers with more than 20 years of professional experience in companies such as ENB among others. We will also have names such as Lienz Chang or Sara Lamb for MasterClasses, and Juanjo Arqués (Het National Ballet), Nico Monaco and Marvin Khoo (Akram Khan Company) for choreographic workshops.

Subjects and Schedules

The school hours will be from 9:30/10h to 16:30h, with breaks to eat.
The subjects taught are: *Classical dance *Contemporary technique *PBT *Tips *Classic repertoire *Choreographic workshops *Pas de deux *Musical analysis applied to dance *Fitness.

In addition, throughout the course intensive courses of different subjects will be taught such as: *Performance makeup *Development of CV and memoirs *Audiovisual techniques *Anatomy and healthy habits.

Different master classes with specialized teachers and international prestige are scheduled.


  • Enhance the versatility of movement.
  • Develop autonomy in work in technical and artistic development.
  • Promote development to achieve its medium and long-term objectives, and the way to maximize its personal and professional development.
  • Consolidate the qualities of dance within different styles and dance techniques.
  • To enhance the maturity and adaptability of the different scenic proposals.
  • Balance the technical-artistic capacity of the disciner by enhancing personality and creating complete dancers prepared for the professional world.
  • Become an industry professional.
  • Scenic practice.
  • During the course different stage proposals will be proposed in different theaters or scenic spaces.

Scenic practice

During the course different stage proposals will be proposed in different theaters or scenic spaces.



The course will begin on September 13, 2021 and end on June 15, 2022.


A total of 15 places are offered.
The selection will be made by analyzing the C.V.* and the view of a ballet class video* * (maximum duration 30 min, and/or short piece or repertoire variation). Please sent it to:
Deadline for submission of documentation: May 20 to July 15, 2021
During the second half of July, the selected participants will be contacted via email.
In the event that you have the possibility to send more information it will be taken into consideration and assessed.
*The CV must contain the following information: full name, date of birth, place of residence, email, mobile phone, training, language.
**Class – minimal adage, turns and small and big jumps.


Modality A: One payment of 4,500 euros (September)
Modality B: two payments (September and January) of 2,300 euros
Modality C: three payments (September, January and March) of 1,600 euros
Registration fee: 300 euros (to be deducted from the total price). The student will not be entitled to a refund if he/she does not finally take the course.



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